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About Us

The Benefits

No noise as our process is whisper quiet, no security issues, as we remove the risk of strangers utilising scaffolding to access your home or building, quicker turnarounds (by up to 40%) to complete works and overall, less stress and interruption to owners or businesses.

Setting New Standards

Our revolutionary process saves tens of thousands of dollars in costs. Better still, our patent pending systems are completely Carbon Neutral, Scaffold-Free and Hassle-Free.

Our Aim

To serve our customers better by utilising innovation and technology to deliver the highest quality outcomes at the lowest costs. Let our team of experienced engineers and builders restore, beautify and maximise your property value.

Our team at CPR beautify and restore your building's integrity and prolong asset lifecycles, whilst maximising kerb side appeal and property values.

CPR are at the cutting edge in developing and implementing new technologies, bespoke equipment and quality management systems for the safe remediation, re-painting and maintenance of building facades
We call our Patented Systems and Intellectual Property...Paintlab.

If you would like to know more about joining the PaintLab team, click here to send an online enquiry.

Mark Smith

Founder & CEO

PaintLab Systems not only incorporates all the technical innovation that we have developed over the last decade but also introduces a new opportunity to attract to CPR the very best in our industry. An entrepreneurial employment structure that lets some of our best people lead their own team and build that team up while CPR takes care of training, regulations and all the back office hassle. This will help CPR push into new markets, powered by people we know have what it takes to meet our high standards of tradesmanship and customer service.

At CPR we like to do things differently. Even after 30 successful years in business, we are constantly innovating and refining our systems to deliver the best value services to our clients. Achieving that is partly about technology, but it is much more about our company culture and our ever-growing team of dedicated professionals, many of which have been with us many years.

In an industry not known for its loyalty, where churning and burning sub-contractors is the norm, what helps us find and retain the best people for so long?

If you ask the people that work for us, often their answer is “mutual respect’. As a family company, we realised long ago that retaining our own stable workforce was the key to delivering great work for our clients. Our supervisors and tradespeople are committed and valued by the company and willing to go the extra mile. They are well renumerated and paid on time. We can trust them, and you can trust them.

Our Company Culture

The dedication and professionalism of CPR's staff is the key to our success.

Over the past 26 years we have evolved and become a multi-skilled team of engineers, builders, tradesmen and support staff who are all dedicated to our prime cause of delivering the best service and highest outcomes to our customers.

Our committed and qualified tradesmen have all passed rigorous training requirements and follow our stringent safety protocols and quality control checks to produce the highest end workmanship.

Our tradesmen and woman are all company people and we pride ourselves in the fact that we do not outsource jobs to third parties. Our team at PaintLab manage the jobs from initial tendering and specifications, through to final successful completion and handover to our clients.

Our Tradespeople

The CPR PaintLab Team

“CPR Façade Upgrade Specialists has demonstrated outstanding customer service throughout the years. Their dedication to delivering a quality service has been a statement to the entire painting and decorating industry.”

With over 273 major projects completed in the same period, CPR PaintLab have been recognized by the Master Painters Association with major awards in the following categories:

Difficult Access

Exceptional High Preparatory Works

Decorative Finishes

Heritage and Restoration

Multi-Unit Repaint

Commercial Project of the Year

Aside from the above achievements which help steer and drive our passion to deliver the best performance on each and every project we undertake, the constant accolades and recommendations we receive on an almost weekly basis from our wide range of delighted clients praising our speed, efficiency, great pricing, quiet and un-invasive trade services, helps keep us on track that we are delivering on each of our customers highest expectations.

CPR Awards

Our team at CPR Façade Upgrade Specialists are very proud to be recognized as Australia’s most awarded Painting & Remedial Contractors.

In the past seven years we have won 23 NSW State Awards for highest craftsmanship and ethical business practices.

Three of these awards in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 were for the Industry’s most prestigious accolade, Customer Service.

Judges’ Comment

Contact us

1800 322 233

Head Office: (Rear) 98 Victoria Rd, 

North Parramatta, NSW 2151

(View map)

ACN No: 72 153 265 475


Builder's License NSW: 249124C 

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